Understanding the SPROUTING PROCESS

All edible seeds, including coffee beans, contain enzyme inhibitors designed by nature to protect from premature germination. Enzyme inhibitors interfere with our ability to absorb nutrients when we ingest seeds. The sprouting process results in the breakdown of these enzyme inhibitors allowing for better digestion and mineral absorption. Sprouted seeds also have a greater nutritive value due to their higher concentration of vitamins, antioxidants, and a more favorable distribution of amino acids.

We have developed our patent-pending sprouting process to find the perfect balance and transformation within the coffee bean without sacrificing caffeine or flavor. When you remove the acidic phytates and other contaminates before roasting, the true and unique flavors of the coffee bean can be enjoyed. Sprouted coffee is a smoother, more delicious, better cup of coffee!

Coffee starts in nature as a seed, and like any seed, contains the untapped resources needed to grow a living plant. We have partnered with the Sprouting Authority in an attempt to unlock nature’s full potential by sprouting each batch of only the finest Arabica coffees prior to roasting. The result, is a better cup of coffee inherently lower in bitterness and acidity, that provides a smoother overall taste.

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