How to Brew Pour Over

How to Brew Pour Over
  • Pour Over Coffee Carafe (We recommend Chemex)
  • Coffee Filters
  • Hot Water Kettle (Preferably with a digital temperature readout)
  • Grinder if using whole beans
  • Digital Scale
  • Timer

2½ – 3 minutes


  1. Fill kettle with 600 grams (20 oz) of water and bring to a boil.
  2. Place pour over carafe on the scale and zero out.
  3. Place filter in the carafe and add 30 grams (about 3 tablespoons) of ground coffee. For best results, grind coffee to a coarseness resembling sea salt.
  4. Reset the scale to zero and start a timer.
  5. Pour in 60 grams of water in a circular motion to soak and clump the grounds so they “bloom.” This helps the coffee extract better and brings out the aroma.
  6. Wait 3 seconds, and continue pouring water in a circular motion until the scale reads approximately 450 grams.
  7. Complete steps 5 & 6 in under 3 minutes so the coffee doesn’t turn bitter.

Tip: Don’t let all the water filter through. Toss the filter as you start to near the end to avoid over-extracted coffee.