Why Java Trading

Sustainability & Social Responsibility are our passion! Coffee sustainability is an intricate weave of resources and people. It is the care for our farms’ delicate ecological systems and the deep respect, good wages and living conditions for our farmers and their families that help to create thriving, sustainable communities.

Investing In Our People

With the assistance of our partners, we have initiated special projects to renovate schools. We offer employee housing and no-cost preventative medical and dental care. Learn more about our farm and the people we work with to bring you quality coffee everyday!

Biomass Furnaces

We designed and developed biomass furnaces at our Costa Rica mills (first of this type), which eliminates the need to cut wood for fuel.

Soil Balancing & Erosion Practices

Terraced coffee groves, defensively planted natural vegetation, and an intricate and carefully maintained drainage system are all factors that help guard the farm against erosions. We test the soil on the entire farm twice a year, and design our fertilizers accordingly.

Hydroelectric Power

Beneficio Rio Negro and Rio Tarrazú were redesigned with environmental protection as the key objective, including our own hydroelectric generators producing renewable and non-polluting power. We are positive producers of electricity with our hydroelectric generators at our mills in Costa Rica.

Our Expert Roasters

Each coffee bean has its own perfect degree of roast depending on how and where it was grown, the varietal, size and shape of the bean, processing and storage. Our skilled roastmasters account for those variations with the amount of heat applied and overall time the coffee is roasted. This ensures that each roast highlights the unique characteristics of each single origin or blended coffee.