About Java Trading

Dedicated to a seed-to-cup experience of “We discover. You enjoy.” Java Trading has been roasting premium coffees since 1968.

Our Story

Established in 1968, the traders of Java Trading have traveled the world, sourcing and forging relationships with farmers that work the land and grow the finest coffee beans. Today owning its own sustainable farms and mills in Costa Rica and Colombia, Java Trading continues to source new family farms and mills in exotic lands that share the same philosophy of eco-friendly coffee farming.

The Finest Coffees from Thriving Communities

With its vertical integration and transparency from point of origin, the company operates no-cost dental & medical care clinics to the growers, has invested over $100,000 over 10 years in renovating schools in Colombia and preserves natural forestland & wildlife corridors through its environmental practices of erosion control and minimal use of inputs & fertilization philosophy.

Premium Coffees & Whimsical Designs

Our 12 premium 100% Arabica bean coffees, 6 available in USDA Organic, have been milled and roasted to perfection. Packaged in whimsical designs of old world travel and authenticity, each label evokes a sense of journey from its coffee’s origin.


With a tagline of “We discover. You enjoy.”, Java Trading Company is committed to ethical sourcing, fair wages and sustainable business practices.